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I do fantasy, sci/fi, fan, and historical art. Please take a look if you are interested:aww:

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Alysia Ariana
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
I don't do requests anymore and I only do art trades if I feel like it, but I do do paid commissions( some commissions starting at $10). If any one is interested, just send me a note. There are no exceptions, everyone gets the same servise. Here's info on prices and such:…

Please like my Facebook art page!!/pages/Alys…

If any of my art work is stolen, I and my watchers will hunt you down and stop you, thank you:)

I love replying to people, so don't be afraid to leave a comment, or ask a question :aww:

I am a self taught artist and I've been drawing all my life. I take inspiration from what interests me the most and try to put what's in my head onto paper as best I can. I am a BIG fan of ancient cultures, especially Ancient Egypt, and I am a Christian Concervative and an American to the core(but that does not mean I hate everyone who's not like me, despite what people say). I'm also a BIG Stargate fan and The Lord of the Rings fan. thanks for taking the time to look at my art:heart: Oh, and a big Loki(from the movies) fan, I know clich, but I can't help it. I fell in love with him when I first saw him.. way before I knew how popular he got... and all the strange fan art............... :fear:

Current Residence: The ancient world, on another planet.... my own world... pic one ^--^
Favourite genre of music: Nearly all kinds, except hip-hop, R&B, and country and some forms of jazz...
Favourite style of art: Reallsm. Anything really beautifull.
Favourite cartoon character: Too many... several disney ones, Looney Toons ones... Snoopy... and others..
Personal Quote: "It is good to rememder the past, but not dwel in it." - me
EDIT:I want to thank everyone for your input and reassurance. You all are Angels for taking the time to read this and giving your opinions. I think we should lay this to rest cause the person in question cant come here and defend himself... well, he could... but i dont think he will........ but he is welcome to, as long as he is respectful and makes it out to be more of a discution, not a attacking. But I felt like i should have the say that i wasn't given, that's why I wrote this last night. And to see if what i said did sound offensive or not. I dont hold any grudges against the person involved and i just hope he doesn't hold anything against me. And I hate hate HATE and insinuation of any kind of racism, even if he didnt say it out right, he obvious felt threaten by what i said... So thank you all again :hug: You are all very good people :)

Please please people, if you read this do not gang up on me and give me a bunch of reasons as to why i'm wrong... I'm pretty upset right now.... So this guy comments on my Egypt folder saying he like how i draw Egyptian black. I went on to explain to him that I dont... I draw them so that they could be interpreted as either black or arabic-like. I gave him my reasons as to why I believe the Egyptians weren't black.. at least not like the black in America, which is what we think of when we think of a black person(there are several different versions of Africans in Africa and it's really cool to look up the different ethnicities). Now do NOT have any against blacks or any one of different color(anyone who does really needs to rethink themselves). In fact I have a black/African inspired character... actually three....This is the conversation we had(the things i've said are repeated from experts I've heard and from people who had looked more into this stuff more them me and have relayed it to me)

Him: "i love they why u did all ur egyp ppl black , most of them . with they was .. keep it up for rea not alot of ppl dont know that"

Me: "Actually from my research Egyptians weren't black... as we know of black people... They actually come from the same ancestors assome of the Europeans, Celts, and Indians(from india, not native americans) cam from. In fact ancient Egyptians are found with Caucasian hair and before they were really influenced by the Greeks lot of the Egyptians had red and even blond hair. And of lot of modern Egyptians share DNA with ancient Egyptians.... Also I've notice into their art they've really distinct themselves from 'traditional Africans' and depict working women with darker skin and noble or royal woman with lighter.. this might suggest they could tan. However they were conquered by black civilizations and such and were probably a multicultural people and have lots of mixed people walking around. I draw my Egyptians so they can be depicted either way... not fully black, but definitely not white. There are actually lot for different ethnicity of Africans, ranging from all sorts of different looks.. and North Africa has lot of Arab type looking people living in it... so when people think African they usually only think of one kind of looking person.. Now who were truly powerful people who built amazing monuments and have culture similar to the Egyptians(though their language hasn't been deciphered yet) were the Nubian, they even had a warrior queen.. but people dont talk much about them... they made some real neat pyramids.... i should draw one of them sometime.. Wink/Razz"

Him: "YEAH JUST by reading what you put doen hear i can tell that , your 
have not idea waht your are taliking about an really not that smart in history , an never read the bible.

but i is that you a Caucasian female so you really do was a lot of movie an show that  show alot 
Caucasian people in egyptian . lol yeah like they was Caucasian or what ever , if you know that Egyptian was in aftcian an you 
should know that would in African , black people. 

an if you was in histroy class an ready didn't the study of what was show , an not belive ever thing that u see on tv or the internet you would know that ,
ever thing you said , is not truth .. lol
also if you if so called a egytpian person they why doe eve the govment say that they are black people , pleas read this…

also if you need more 
this si a leader who took people like you to courte trying to say that egytpain people was white , an try to make him look like he was white , but really  a black male…

also check this out…

what is say u ask 

What Race Were the Ancient Egyptians?

A Black Afrocentrist commenter writes:

On the other hand, there is no evidence that the ancient Egyptians migrated into or invaded the African continent, all evidence proves that they were an aboriginal African people, all of their text point to the Upper Nile – Sudanic and Nubian origins, and their identifiable presence as a people, city-state, and the center of their dynastic empire ranges over thousands of years in one geographic location, Africa!

Any degree of non-African blood or “non-Black blood” that was evident in Egypt came from outside the African continent, and until the Ptolemaic Greeks, most invaders presence were short-lived and eventually repelled.

Again, there is no evidence of any large non-African populations migrating into ancient Egypt even during invasions, let alone creating an 91% Indo-European population that would have overwhelmed ancient Egypt’s genetic foundations, which was African! Absolutely unfounded and impossible!

From early Greek scholars and historians, to religious text, to today’s prominent researchers, all have repeatedly cited overwhelming evidence that Ancient Egypt was a product of ancient Africa and that the people were consider, Black and African…and if anyone look at the great Spinx face and see any other features but that of an phenotypical sub-Saharan African, then they intentionally deluding themselves.

also stop tell all you watcher this bbug line that they was white or want ever . this is want the government said , about Egyptians being black . an it said to say that a person like ur self that cames to read the bible an be root in it alot cant even tell that most of the peoplr hat was in the bible was dark skinned an was black .

o yes there was white people but they was geek an romaine an yess white people was the ones who kill Jesus an yess  Jesus was black .
they way you belive in in make me sake mye head at you for even claming your slef to be a chisrtain an you feed people these hug lie ..

lol jajaajajaj im a chirstain too , but i would tell want is right is it was in histroy , 
this is for the Gov . ORG

ORG + mean gov . o yess they know what theyr are taking about an it not a lie , an they even talking about the things you read in the bible an tell the truth too "

Now, he blocked me so I was unable to defend myself or or even apologized if i offended him. This is what I was going to say before I realized I was blocked: "Are you saying I haven't read the Bible? Cause that was one of my main reasons as to why I dont believe the Egyptians were totally black. Moses was able to hide among them, and he was Jewish. So did Joseph who his brothers didn't know was him, but thought he was an Egyptian. And what I said about the DNA of ancient Egyptians match about 90% of modern egyptian was actually said by Dr. Zahi Hawass. I have read lots of stuff on both sides, and both using scientific studies to prove their sides and disprove other's. A lot of them, on both sides make sense, like the links you sent me. Here is one I found where this person writes about their hair using true facts: mathildasanthropologyblog.word… There's a lot of info for both sides.. and sometime they seem to be pushed a bit by biases, so I try to looks at how they depicted themselves in their art. Such as this one… and and this:… or…… I also know that the Egyptians could have aquiline noses(hook or roman like), when black have flatter, prettier noses. They also depicted very large ears and black people normally have much smaller ears. Now, i did not say they were white and i do believe they did get mixed with black too. So even if they were black, i dont think they were look like blacks in like America, though they are quite diverse as well. But those are the types pf black people we think of when we think of black people. But there several different ethnicity of African in Africa. When you look at modern day Nubians you can see an Arabic influence in their features, though they are mostly African. But they do look different from the Africans of the west or south of Africa. North Africa has long since been populated by Arabic like people for a long time so I would think because they were north of Nubia maybe they were more Arabic-like influenced. I know this is a touchy subject, and both side have loads of merit, but I don't want to argue with you. I respect you, but please don't think i am naive and only believe what the movies depicted and the racism of Hollywood's past. My conclusions have nothing to do with the movies or me being white should not make me biased. It is what I have seen from their art and heard from experts too."

I tried to send that, but it told me I couldn't. so i wanted to go to his page and apologize if i offended him, but he had blocked me... I don't care if he was right h has a right to express what he believes, but not allowing me to chance his opinion of me or trying to agree to disagree he just posted what he wanted and then made sure i couldn't even apologize if i hurt him... which leads m to think he now thinks I'm a some sort of biased white girl who doesn't know anything... i shouldn't let it bother me, but it really does cause it's simply not true and I can't tell him that.. i hate the feeling of something untrue things about me and angry with me based on somethings that hasn't meant with any malicious intent... so weather you believe him or me, did i sound like i was trying to step on his toes and me rude or insulting?
  • Mood: Peaceful

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